Our alpaca products

100% alpaca wool

Our products are filled with 100% Peruvian alpaca wool and are constructed from an outer material that is 100% organic cotton. All of our products are made by hand in our factory in Peru and can be customized to your requirements.


Thanks to the unique structure of alpaca wool, our duvets are breathable, adapt perfectly to the body’s temperature and are suitable for every season.


Our alpaca wool pillows are also extremely breathable, and thanks to their hypoallergenic properties, are perfect for anyone with allergies. With every product manufactured by hand, our pillows can also be made to measure.

Mattress protectors

The antibacterial nature of alpaca wool really comes into its own with our mattress protectors. Not only do they protect your mattress, they also make lying down even better.

Our production methods

All of our products are sewn by hand in our production facilities in Peru. The duvets are stitched into lozenges, and the mattress protectors into squares. This ensures the wool is always evenly distributed for even greater comfort.

An overview of our alpaca wool duvets

Our duvets are available in all standard European and US sizes. Our duvets also come in two different weights as standard. The regular weight has the fill power of a normal duvet, while the lightweight version is lighter and therefore ideal for very warm environments. We can also customize duvets to both your required measurements and weight.

Alpaca wool mattress protectors

Our mattress protectors are available in all standard European and US sizes. We will also gladly provide a quotation for a made-to-measure mattress protector customized to your needs.

Other Alpaca Products


If you’re interested in our products, or if you would like to know more about the quality of our products or manufacturing processes, or if you would like to order a made-to-measure alpaca duvet, please contact us with your enquiry. We’ll get back to you with expert advice or a non-binding quotation. Please, get in contact!