Alpaca wool duvets

Sustainably produced duvets direct from Peru

About us

We believe that a good night’s sleep is the key for a good start to the day. That’s why we have made it our mission to manufacture duvets, pillows and mattress protectors to the highest social and environmental standards from 100% organic raw materials.

We manufacture alpaca wool duvets by hand in our factory in Peru to the highest social and environmental standards. We use alpaca wool from local communities in the Andes. And we’re committed to protecting both the environment and the wellbeing of our local partners.

Why alpaca wool?

Alpacas live in small herds and are very easygoing animals. They live in the Andes at heights of up to 4000 meters and have kept company with Andean communities for centuries. For most Andean communities, the international demand for alpaca fibers constitutes their sole source of income. That’s why our alpaca wool comes directly from a variety of small communities in Peru, thus supporting the local economy. In this way we are able to ensure high quality while also reducing transportation times.

Alpaca wool is not only soft and durable, it also adapts perfectly to the body’s temperature, creating a dry and hygienic sleeping climate. Alpaca wool fibers do not contain lanolin, making them ideal for anyone with allergies.

Our raw materials

Our alpaca wool is purchased directly from small-scale alpaca breeders in Peru. This supports the local economy, keeps transport times short and ensures both high quality and animal-friendly shearing.

The outer material of our duvets is made of 100% organic cotton from Germany. It’s Oeko-Tex 100 and GOTS certified and is both kind to the skin and extremely soft.

Our alpaca wool duvets

Our duvets have the lightness of goose down, the hypoallergenic qualities of synthetic fibers and are as soft and natural as cashmere. Our commitment to the environment, animal welfare and local communities make sleep a genuinely luxurious pleasure.

Our alpaca wool duvets are sewn entirely by hand and stitched into lozenges to ensure the wool is evenly spread throughout the duvet with both volume and loft. Made of fine, lightweight wool, the duvet feels wonderfully light and high-quality, and promotes a good sleep climate.

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Perfect temperature

The structure of alpaca wool is both breathable and flexible, allowing it to adapt to the body’s temperature perfectly.

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Alpaca wool is considered hypoallergenic, as unlike sheep’s wool it does not contain lanolin.

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The keratin in alpaca wool fibers allows bacteria to be effectively suppressed.

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Made to measure

As we make all our own products, we can also manufacture a duvet to your exact requirements.

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Every duvet is made by hand according to ethical working conditions in our factory in Peru.

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All alpacas are reared in their natural habitat and the wool is consciously shorn in an animal-friendly way.

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Environmentally friendly

Our alpaca wool comes direct from Peru and is processed under eco-friendly conditions.

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Alpaca wool was awarded 1st Class in the US CPS Commissions Rating and is considered non-flammable.

Other products

In addition to our high-quality alpaca wool duvets, we also produce other high-quality alpaca wool products. Among these are our 100% alpaca wool pillows and mattress protectors, which are also stitched into lozenges. Just like our alpaca wool duvets, our alpaca pillows and alpaca mattress protectors adapt perfectly to the body’s temperature to promote a good sleep climate.


If you’re interested in our products, or if you would like to know more about the quality of our products or manufacturing processes, or if you would like to order a made-to-measure alpaca duvet, please contact us with your enquiry. We’ll get back to you with expert advice or a non-binding quotation. Please, get in contact!